“I have wished my mental illness would have some sort of physical sign that I could show to people that would show the suffering inside.
My illness is inside my head and like many who suffer I have become very good at wearing masks to cover the pain. Unfortunately this means no one really knows how or what I feel unless I choose to share.

This is just one reason why Its incredibly important to share and talk openly about depression and anxiety, to let others who are suffering with this illness know they are not alone. –
I consider myself very lucky to have two people in my life that I can share my deepest darkest thoughts without fear of being mocked, laughed at or told harden up buttercup!

I know their are others out there feeling uneasy about speaking out and if my sharing on this platform can help one person, to inspire them to seek the help they need, wether it be turning to a close friend or seeing a therapist then my words have not been for nothing.

The truth is lately I have been writing more, putting my thoughts down and sharing to social media. It has been empowering for me. Of course you get the odd dickhead but that’s social media for you. It’s all worth while when people reach out and share their stories and battles, it has shown me I am not alone and the weird and wonderful things I do when I’m in the midst of all the chaos in my mind is in fact very normal. I’ve found peace in knowing that some days even just achieving the small things like getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and going to work are an achievement.

So please if you know someone is suffering reach out to them today ask them how they are doing. If it’s you suffering grab that close friend for a coffee or make an appointment to see a therapist. Taking action saves lives.”

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