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Stories are so powerful. As humans, it’s how we learn about the world and make sense of things.

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When it comes to creating a connection with someone, letting others know they aren’t alone, and eradicating stigma – nothing is more powerful than opening up and being vulnerable. It’s easy to believe in something, it hard to be part of the solution by actually putting yourself out there.
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Mental health is a sensitive area that needs careful consideration as to how and when we talk about it. It can be incredibly confronting to speak to a trained Psychologist about your inner struggles, let alone speak about it publicly.

Granted – when we share our story publicly it is almost always positive, however, every situation is unique and it’s important you carefully evaluate if and how you go about doing so. If sharing a story does more harm than good, for yourself or others, you shouldn’t do it.
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How to share your story

4 steps to sharing

  • Draw a heart on your outer forearm

    Tip: draw it just above your elbow with your first raised in the air - proud and strong. Use any type of pen or marker. If you don’t want to get ink on your skin, buy one of our temporary tattoos on our website, or even a lapel pin.

  • Take a selfie, or start recording a video

    Make sure your drawn heart is visible.

  • Tell your story

    Tell your story in the caption of the photo or in the video. What has happened along your journey (the good, the bad, and the in between), and where has it led you to today.

  • Share your story

    Share on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) with the hashtag #heartonmysleeve and tag @heartonmysleeve