I pledge to have a real conversation when I’m not ok

Why Should you Pledge

Some people do not feel ready to share their story publicly. It may be a step too far right now. You may still be in the early stages of your journey, or you may not feel comfortable with everyone knowing your most vulnerable moments.

You don’t need to go big, start small. Every path to wellness starts with one conversation.

The Heart On My Sleeve pledge is a commitment to take action, in private. To start the conversation with a person you trust and not suffer in silence. Don’t wait to be asked, tell someone when you’re not ok.

70% of us don’t speak up when we are struggling. Let’s make a promise to not be like that any longer.

We all go through tough times, let’s not do it alone.

Sign the pledge today and commit to keeping it real #heartonmysleeve

Some people do not feel ready to share their story, nor would it be safe to do so in their current state. The Pledge is for people who are still in the middle of their fight, but want to identify themselves to their community as needing help, or simply encourage them to talk to just one person.

This is an always on program, and a dedicated day. In some ways, it is the other side to RUOK Day - it's empowering those actually going through it to step forward and have the conversation.

Our idea is use social media for its positive traits such as scale and influence, with the help of key ambassadors, to show the humanity behind these real people, and connect our culture in a universal pursuit of wanting to feel that things can and will get better. Even those that seem to "have it all" or are "strong" need help sometimes, and that will be highlighted through this Pledge Day. People will be encouraged to draw a heart on the open side of the arm, and take a photo with their hand raised, with a caption saying "I (name) pledge to have a real conversation when I need help #heartonmysleeve".

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Raise awareness for mental health as a cause within your organisation, as well as encourage those who aren’t ready to share their story to put their hand up and commit to having a conversation when they need help.
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