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Some people do not feel ready to share their story publicly. It may be a step too far right now. You may still be in the early stages of your journey, or you may not feel comfortable with everyone knowing your most vulnerable moments.

You don’t need to go big, start small. Every path to wellness starts with one conversation.

The Heart On My Sleeve pledge is a commitment to take action, in private. To start the conversation with a person you trust and not suffer in silence. Don’t wait to be asked, tell someone when you’re not ok.

70% of us don’t speak up when we are struggling. Let’s make a promise to not be like that any longer.

We all go through tough times, let’s not do it alone.

Sign the pledge today and commit to keeping it real #heartonmysleeve

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Sign the pledge today and commit to keeping it real

Sign the pledge today and commit to keeping it real


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Host a pledge day at work

Raise awareness for mental health as a cause within your organisation, as well as encourage those who aren’t ready to share their story to put their hand up and commit to having a conversation when they need help.
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