Help me.

It can be very overwhelming to know where to start when you’re not feeling good. Here are a 3 key things to remember when reaching our for help.

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Here’s 3 steps to get you started.

  • Step 1

    Find 1 person

    • Find someone who you can trust who can listen non-judgementally. It could be a friend, psychologist, work colleague etc.
    • Not everyone will get it, and that’s ok!
    • Don’t expect everything to be solved straight away.
    • In fact, it might take a few people before you feel heard. That’s ok too!
  • Step 2

    Focus on 1 main issue

    • Concentrate on what is bothering you the most. There may be a few. What is the #1 thing right now?
    • Tell the facts, but make sure you tell the feelings too. Don’t neglect them.
    • State why this is important to you (i.e. why it is affecting you so much)
    • Healing may be painful, but it doesn’t mean something is going wrong. So long as you feel supported and you don’t go beyond your “edge”
  • Step 3

    Flag 1 helpful idea

    • Clarify what you want them to do - are you sharing just to get it off your chest, or because you want advice/suggestions?
    • Bring a possible solution of how that person could help (or tell them you just want them to listen)
  • Step 1

    Find 1 person

  • Step 2

    Focus on 1 main issue

  • Step 3

    Flag 1 helpful idea


5 sentence stems to help you find your words and keep it real.

Download our conversation starter journal.
  • 1 Share your facts
    What’s happening?
    “The situation for me is…”
  • 2 Share your feelings
    How it’s impacted you?
    “It has made me feel...”
  • 3 Share your meaning
    Why it’s affecting you?
    “The hardest part about all this for me is...”
  • 4 Share your coping
    What are you doing to manage?
    “Things that have helped are...”
  • 5 Ask for help
    What has worked for others?
    “Can you support me with… ?”

4 things to remind yourself before, during & after every conversation.

  • It’s ok if you feel awkward

  • You’re not alone

  • You’re problem isn’t too small

  • Be patient & committed

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