About The Movement

“I don’t think there’s any ‘easy parts’ when you’re dealing with mental illness. But feeling alone is definitely the hardest.”

What is this Movement?

Heart On My Sleeve is the fastest growing social Movement on the internet dedicated to helping those experiencing, or supporting others, with mental health challenges.

Our mission is to humanise mental health, one heartfelt story at a time.

It started on May 30th 2017 after one man shared his all-to-familiar, yet commonly untold story of his battles with mental health, that quickly went viral on social media.

He illustrated the immense conflict he felt between living the “perfect” outside life, whilst suffering immensely beneath the surface. His vision was to give people a voice, and unify the community through a sense of connection. He wanted to harness the scale & safety of technology, whilst democratising self-expression, in an environment where authenticity is valued over perfection or being “fixed”.

Within 1 week, the Movement had reached over 1 million people on social media alone. News outlets, celebrities & influencers from all around the world got on board to support the cause. Most importantly – we built a place where people could come to be real, be heard, and be themselves. We watched in awe as individuals from across the globe wore their heart on their sleeve, to inspire others and free themselves from their own demons. We’ve even seen dozens of people get our heart logo tattooed on their sleeve to show their commitment to the cause. It is becoming the platform to that vulnerable conversation that otherwise may not have been had.


Why is it important?


Mental health is the single biggest issue facing our generation and our world today. It affects more than 1 in 4 people in most western countries, and in Australia takes more lives than anything else between 19-35 years old.

Mental health is now a “mainstream” conversation, but ironically if you talk to anyone suffering, they still do not feel comfortable sharing story. More than 75% of people still feel there is a strong stigma in society. Social media is usually contributing to this feeling of isolation and inadequacy, not helping to reconcile it.

But the REAL problem is the way we are dealing with the issue. In order to take the next step toward a mentally healthy society, we need to move beyond raising awareness, to changing behaviour. It’s also stepping beyond asking people if they are OK, to also empowering the experiencer to have a platform to express themselves freely and safely.

We believe it’s time to flip the conversation in mental health from thinking or being told “it’s ok to talk”, to actually believing it, owning our story, and sharing it when it may be helpful to do so. We need to take that next step, and give people the confidence to be vulnerable – not just for themselves, but for others. To actually start opening up, and for us to actually be there. The only way we are getting through this mess is from the inside-out. That starts with people leading by example who have had their own challenges, and can share their insights. More importantly, share their true self. On a platform that’s native to them.

What now?

It’s time we move from a viral social idea, to a true Movement that creates impact and lasting change.

In the next 12 months, Heart On My Sleeve will be providing a range of services and programs designed to affect change in 3 key areas:

  1. Eliminate the negative stigma of mental health by creating innovative storytelling platforms that safely amplify the conversation
  2. Provide world-class preventative & support resources through online eLearning platforms and interactive peer-to-peer forums
  3. Improve primary health services by incubating and investing in tech based social businesses that offer new solutions to providing treatment to those in need.

We are currently in the creation phase of a lot of these new initiatives, and are working hard (with a very small team) to bring this vision to life.

Please become part of the Movement by following our social channels.

We can’t wait to walk this journey with you. Stay tuned.

“This is the boldest step we have made as a society in the mental health space, in terms of something led from the ground up. Finally we are getting down to the real problem, not just saying everything is OK"

Who is behind it?

The Movement was founded led by Mitch Wallis. To find out more about Mitch, visit mitchwallis.com.

But now the Movement is everyone’s. It is led by those that follow it, and those that speak up because of it.

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