My journey with mental “illnesses” – Wow where to begin. 

Anxiety and depression make you doubt yourself every second of every day. And those doubts then become your physical body. The chemicals are released and you feel from your head to your toes in every cell of your body that some dark evil monster has taken over your life and of who you are because you have anxiety or depression. You feel like no one will ever understand you if you voice your fears, you feel that you are absolutely insane and no one gets it and you are different from every other human being living and that has ever lived until one twisted cyclone of thoughts turns to an idea that there is a way to end this pain and suffering. And there is little hope in your cavern of darkness for yourself and everyone around you.

But there is always more hope and we all know that and there is hope in honesty. Hope in tears. Hope in love.

My journey with mental illness has been an absolute rollercoaster of life defying lows and life enhancing highs. I am truly grateful for every second of all of it because I am lucky enough to have allowed myself to learn to love myself as a result of “mental illnesses”. We aren’t ill guys and girls. We are all just human beings with different thought processes and just because yours isn’t the same as the social “norm” or feels completely foreign to everyone you know doesn’t mean you have something wrong. You’re mind just works differently. There is no correct way of thinking which is why we all have different passions and likes and dislikes.

I urge every one of you who is going through some really tough times and are struggling to see a way out to take a breath and tell yourself it will be okay because it will be. Life is beautiful and we are constantly changing every second as the whole world is – we just need to learn to love ourselves more and judge ourselves less.

No longer do I have to live in the fear that people won’t like me or understand me because I love me and I understand me and that’s freedom my friends. 


So much love to all of you xx