Find One Person

  • Find someone who you can trust who can listen non-judgementally. It could be a friend, psychologist, work colleague etc.
  • Not everyone will get it, and that’s ok!
  • Don’t expect everything to be solved straight away.
  • In fact, it might take a few people before you feel heard. That’s ok too!

    Focus On One Main Issue

  • Concentrate on what is bothering you the most. There may be a few. What is the #1 thing right now?
  • Tell the facts, but make sure you tell the feelings too. Don’t neglect them.
  • State why this is important to you (i.e. why it is affecting you so much)
  • Healing may be painful, but it doesn’t mean something is going wrong. So long as you feel supported and you don’t go beyond your “edge”

    Bring One Idea That Would Help

  • Clarify what you want them to do - are you sharing just to get it off your chest, or because you want advice/suggestions?
  • Bring a possible solution of how that person could help (or tell them you just want them to listen)

Seek Help

Seek Help

Need Help Now?

Check out our resources page for a list of organisations that may be able to help